Frugal Friday

I is finking sumpin is up. Mommy is puttin stuffs in hur big black bag on wheels and her keeps kissing my nose and rubbin my head. I fink hur is off on nother trip. Wonder if dis is fur hur wurk place? Daddy is not here eifer.. dat means I has da house to myself...well almos...I haf a share wif da kitties.
So dat means I can play on da computer all day....well daddys computer that is!

So it is Frugal Friday.....and here is da best deal fur us today!
Dis comes from my furend at My Pet Savings! Yu shuld check hur page out!

PETCO Pet Food Up to 50% off!
A PETCO employee and My Pet Savings reader contacted me with the following info:
“I work in a Petco store and we recently underwent a dog food reset and all of the discontinued products in are store have been marked half off. Many of the discontinues are still available just in different sizes. Great brands like Nutro are now available for $13 for 15lbs of food. Oh and clearance price drops are on Tuesdays! Also, any time a bag of food is ripped it is automatically dropped to half off. Any foods that expire in 30 days are half off and foods 60 days are 30% off.”

Im finking I is gonna haf a talk to daddy bouts dis food!!! :D

giant wet kisses for you all,


Frankie Furter said...

Sounds like a grrrreat plan to me buddy.

Mr. Pip said...

Hi Roscoe - sorry your parents are out of town! Hope you won't be too lonely. Of course, you will have the computer all to yourself!

Your pal, Pip

Deborah said...

Have a good weekend! Have fun on the computer!

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