It's Blog the Change Day!!!

I finally gots da compooter from Mommy! It's Blog the Change Day! I can write about anyfing I wanna as long as it's about change. I want to talk abouts a couple a places that is trying to make a change here in Indiana!

The first place is Beagle Buddies! My moms furiend Victoria finds all kindsa beagles and places dem in foster care til a FUREVER home is found! My mommy even fostered a baby beagle for Beagle Buddies. They try to get all the senior beagles, cuz they has the hardest times finding homes mommy says. I not sure why someone wuld frow away an old guy or gal, dusn make sense. Head on over there and take a look if you wanna. They really are goood peoples. Beagles are lucky to has dem! 

The udder place is called Forever Friends Great Dane Rescue! They do da same fing as da Beagle place, cept its for big guys and gals like me!! We bigger fur babies has a hard time finding homes sometimes, peoples do not realize how much time and tensions we need. Some peoples hurt big guys and gals like me :( Mommy and daddy try to take me to all of the FFGDRI events. I has met lots of big cousins dat really really need to find their FUREVER homes too. FFGDRI’s new home on the internet!

Maybe you can't adopt one right now, but you can help in udder ways too! Bof places need help wif green papers, and can use yur old stuffs yu dusn need anymore like blankets and towels, or even foods for the foster babies!
Please, check them out if yus has time today. They are bof gweat places that is close to mine and my mommys heart!

If you has yur own blog, yu can be part of the change too! How yu ask?

How It Works

1. Grab the badge. See our banner in the sidebar? Paste the code below it into your blog’s sidebar or post.
2. Post to your blog. Support your favorite shelter, a foster or a friend. Whatever you decide:
  • Make a fresh commitment to act on behalf of animals
  • Inspire others to do the same
  • Spread the word
3. Add your link here. You’ll see a link list here during each Blog the Change event. Add your post URL — not a link to your main domain – so other animal supporters can find your cause.
4.  Share the good will. Visit others on the list and offer support where you can. Remember, a kind word can create change too!
Extra credit … Paste the code from the link list into your blog post. (The code will only be available on Blog for Change day). While not required, it’s a terrific way to spread the good word of many bloggers’ causes at once!
See ya around the hop!! Visit all of them to find more ways you can help change the world for one animal!

giant wet kisses for you all,


Pup Fan said...

Thanks for spotlighting these great groups!

Oskar said...

I can't believe we missed out on this. Now my mom person is getting ready to go away & doesn't have time to do a post for me.

Nubbin wiggles,

Oscar the Terrier said...

That was a pawesome post! Thanks for sharing!

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