Happy Howling Hump Day!!

So mommy says if I'm going to do this right, I need to have something called sta-bil-ity. She said I could have things that I put up on the same days so you can come and visit and know exactly what you are looking for. Still not sure what that means but mommy gave me a great idea.
Happy Howling Hump Days will be on Wednesday! I will post a great area where all us dogs can go and have a great time! Here's something better yet, if you know of a place, even if its not in Indiana,  let me know ! I will check it out and highlight it on my blog. You never know, I may just visit it and write a review for all my fellow dog followers out there!

So our first howling hump day place to visit: Southeastway Park . I loved going here with my people earlier this year! I even got to lead when they decided to walk the trails!

This was the first real warm day we had here. My peoples were tired of being in the house all the time, so they took me here to the park to walk the trails. I saw lots of neat stuff, like they had these funny buckets on trees. My mommy said they were collecting sap to make maple syrup with. I still didn't understand until she said pancakes! Then I knew what she was talking about! I love nice, big, fluffy, warm pancakes...do you? 

There are alot of trails here at this park. Some even go down by a creek, but mommy wouldn't let me go in it. I love water! She said next time when it's nice and hot! There are also things for people to do! Like playgrounds for the little peoples that run around all the time. Big roofs my mommy calls shelters for things like picnics...mmmmm I love picnics. I can smell the grills already!

There was lots of wildlife here too. I got to see Geese, squirrels, and some chipmunks! I love other fur babies. 
Mommy says we have to protect our lands for these wild furbabies she calls them. I don't know what that means. I'm sure she will tell me.

Well if you are ever in the area, be sure to check this park out! Your dog will love it just as much as you do.

giant wet kisses,


Mindy Lu said...

BARK! I love fur babies. To chase and try to eat I mean. But daddy always stops me. Do you chase them too?
Sasha the Princess

Roscoe said...

Hi Mindy Lu!
I try to chase them, but mommy and daddy always stop me too! Mommy says all furbabies have a right to live in the park. I wouldn't mean to hurt em really....I just want to have fun!
Do you go to parks too?

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