Tips for keeping your dog safe in the car

Ok so I had my days confused yesterday, I thought it was Friday. Mommy laughed and said I was silly :) So I didn't get my tip put up, so since I have you a Frugal Friday on Thursday, Ill give you a Tipster Thursday on Friday ok? Ok

Since I like to ride in the car so much with mommy and daddy I thought I would share tips for keeping us safe in the car. Please click below to read this great article by a very nice lady! Mommy says it's really good and wishes more people adopted these tips.

Tips for keeping your dog safe in the car
I probably won't post much today as my mommy is going away for a few hours and she puts the computer away. Darn it.
But until I can steal it from her again.....

giant wet kisses for you all,Roscoe


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