Welcome to my Blog

Oh hi there!
My mommy let me have the computer for awhile! Well...thats my story and I'm sticking to it.
My name is Roscoe and I am a very handsome fawn Great Dane. I live in Indianapolis with my pet parents. I love my home!
I hope to have a lot of fun stuff up here for you to look at! So come back often! Leave me a note and show me some love!


Kristy said...

Look forward to reading your blog!

Stopping by to thank you for your support of My Pet Savings. :)

Have a great day Roscoe, hope to see you around.



Mindy Lu said...

Hi Rosco! Your handsome. How old are you? I am an old lady, but still have the mind of a puppy. Look forward to getting to know you!
Sasha the Princess

Roscoe said...

Hi Mindy,
I am 4 years old. Mommy says Im still a baby to her. How old are you? I know mommy says I shouldnt ask a ladies age, but you look too purty to be an old lady!
Thank you for stopping by my blog! I hope we can become really good friends!

Deborah said...

Hey Rosco! Nice to meet you and I'm looking foward to following! I love your blog's layout and your very cute too!
Have fun blogging!!

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